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Graham Hill

The Graham Hill Award was established by Robin Speed in recognition of the contribution made by Graham Hill to improving revenue law in Australia.

The Award will be conferred annually on a person who has made a significant contribution to improving the administration, policy, practice, teaching or understanding of revenue law in Australia.

It is important that recognition is given to those who make a significant contribution to improving revenue law in Australia.

Over the history of mankind, those with power over others, whether existing by force or democratic process, have sought to tax those subject to their power.  Frequently the imposition and collection has been, and remains today in some countries, arbitrary and unjust.

The revenue law regulating the imposition and collection of tax is one of the principal measures of a society’s respect for the rights of its citizens, and the citizen’s respect for the needs of society.  It is essential that the law is just, both in imposition and collection.  The rights of citizens and of society must be properly protected.   In Australia it is necessary to be watchful for incremental lapses and to strive for improvements to the system.



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